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Major Activities

●Bible Week Every (last week of January)

●Pastor's Appreciation Month (Held              every October of the year)

●Simbang Umaga (December and                 Induction of New Officers)

●Nominaton & Election of New Officers        Every December, subject to change            every 2 years

Monthly Activities

1st Week - Official Meeting

2nd Week - Equipping

3rd Week - Health Awareness &                                      Livelihood Training

4th Week - Business Meetings &                                    Promotions

5th Week - Outdoor Activities                                          (Fellowship outside GMA                             Area)

Community Related Services 

●Program to Recover for Drug (In                          Partnership with LGU or Barangay)

●Prison Ministry (Includes sharing the                  Gospel)

●Free Check Up Mission (In Partnership with    Dr. Montemayor)

●Financial Assistance (Inclusions : Relief            giving & Financial Assistance to Pastors            who are sick)

●Values Formation Program to LGUs

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